Aluminium Winding Sticks

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Key Features
Check the flatness of material
Made from extruded aluminium
Satin black anodized finish on one side reduces glare
Winding sticks are not new; woodworkers have been making them for years from scrap wood and using them to check the flatness of material. Placed at opposite ends of a board, they accentuate any twist (wind), making it easier to identify and correct. With the sticks in place, sight across their top edges. If the edges are parallel, the board is not twisted. Reposition and repeat to check the entire board. Unlike their wooden cousins, our extruded aluminium sticks will remain dimensionally stable and straight. The satin black anodised finish on one side reduces glare, and the machined section on the other side provides contrast when sighting. The machined grooves are spaced 1/8″ apart to help estimate the amount of twist and how much stock to remove. The two 18″ long sticks nest together and have hanging holes for easy storage. Made in Canada.

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