Veritas Jointer Blade Sharpener

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Designed to restore blades dulled from normal use
Clamps blades up to 200mm(8″) wide (including hand-plane blades)
Two position stops ensure successive blades are honed identically
Cast aluminium with brass and steel fittings
Includes a half sheet of 15 micron (approx.1000 grit) 3M micro-abrasive film

A commercial sharpening service or a sophisticated home grinder is necessary for badly nicked blades. The Veritas jointer blade sharpener is designed to restore blades dulled from normal use, even if they contain minor nicks. It clamps blades up to 200mm (8″) long (including hand-plane blades) for sharpening on Silicon Carbide (Wet & Dry) abrasives. Just stick the abrasive to a flat surface (plate glass works well), adjust the elevating screw until the bevel is flat on the abrasive, and use it as you would any other honing guide. After basic sharpening, switch to a fine abrasive, and hone a fine micro-bevel. Two position stops ensure that successive blades are honed identically. It is both easy and effective, letting you quickly restore blades that you would probably let become far duller before sending out for service.Made of cast aluminum with brass and steel fittings. It is supplied with a half sheet of 15 micron (aprox.1000 grit) 3M micro-abrasive film.

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