Veritas Jointer Fence

Veritas Jointer Fence 05P3001

The Veritas Jointer Fence allows you to shoot accurate and consistent square or bevelled edges with iron or steel bench planes. The integral rare earth magnets make it quick and easy to attach or remove the fence from the side of the plane whilst holding it firmly in position. Holes are provided in the fence for screwing on wedge shaped strips when planing bevels other than 90°.

The fence has a stop pin which can be fitted in a choice of positions depending on which size of plane (Nos. 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8) is being used and whether on the left or right hand side. This pin positions the fence correctly and stops it from sliding backwards during use. Black anodised aluminium with brass fittings give the fence the Veritas trademark appearance.


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Veritas Jointer Fence 05P3001