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Veritas Low Angle Jack Plane c/w PM-V11 25° Blade

The Low Angle Jack Plane is ideal for shooting mitres, working end grain and initial smoothing. Veritas have designated it as a 62 1/2 because of its generous size, greater weight, low centre of gravity and radically set-back mouth. Measuring 380mm(15″) long and 57mm(2.1/4″) wide, it weighs just under 2.72kg(6lb.). With sides machined square to the sole, a specially shaped lever cap and machined thumb recesses on each side, it provides both comfort and excellent control when shooting. Includes a lapped 25° bevel blade, 57mm(2.1/4″) wide, 4.8mm(3/16″) thick, in PM-V11 alloy steel. The lapped blades have a flatness tolerance of ±0.005mm or better over the working surface, and with an average roughness surface finish of ±0.0127mm (0.0005″) or better. A refined plane for the discerning woodworker.

For those who haven’t tried a low angle plane it comes as something of a revelation when you get to use one. If ever you have had to plane a section of timber with interlocking grain you may have experienced tear out when trying to prepare the surface. Iroko springs to mind as a timber that can present problems in this area and there are numerous occasions when a standard bevel down plane just won’t leave the desired finish. If you are not in possession of a low angle plane then a cabinet scraper could be a way of achieving a better finish, but the surface left by a low angle plane with a nice sharp iron and set up correctly will leave a superbly flat surface.
A favourite with many cabinetmakers and joiners, this plane is perfect for use on a shooting board when squaring end grain and is comfortable to hold for long periods. The plane’s adjustable mouth can be closed down nice and tight for fine shavings with minimum tear-out or opened up for heavier cuts. A nice touch is a thumbscrew for the mouth adjustment making for precise settings and less danger of contact with your carefully sharpened iron. It also features a combined feed and lateral adjustment knob for fast accurate changes to depth of cut.

Key Features

  • Shoot mitres, slice end grain or smooth boards
  • Specially shaped lever cap and machined thumb recesses on each side
  • Combined feed and lateral adjustment knob, makes blade setting easy and accurate
  • Supplied with a lapped 25° bevel blade, 57mm wide
  • PM-V11 blade


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Veritas Low Angle Jack Plane c/w PM-V11 25° Blade