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VERITAS PM-V11 MORTICE CHISEL – 1/2″ 105149-05S3108

These substantial mortice chisels will do their intended job perfectly. As we expect from Veritas no detail has been overlooked. The blades are PM-V11 steel and more than 12mm deep at the heel of the bevel. The blade width is consistent along the length from tip to shoulder. A slight relief along the sides of the chisel reduces friction and allows for minor cut corrections. The 25° primary bevel makes deep cuts easier, whilst the 35° secondary bevel gives them a durable cutting edge. Rounding of the heel of the bevel provides a smooth fulcrum for levering out waste.

The blade-to-handle connection is a tang and socket with a ferrule construction. Turned from a solid blank, the ferrule allows for a neat transition into the handle.

The hard maple handle has been torrefied to stabilise it against swelling and shrinkage. The contours of the handle fit the hand well; shallow flats parallel to the blade sides provide alignment and finger placement for natural indexing of the blade. The top of the handle has a stainless-steel hoop and slight dome ready to receive mallet blows.

Overall lengths range from 295mm to 310mm; blade lengths (including bolster) range from 143mm to 159mm. Only final honing is required before use.

Key Features

  • Substantial chisels; blades are more than 12mm deep at the heel
  • PM-V11 steel perfect for the intended use
  • Consistent blade width with slight side relief to reduce friction


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VERITAS PM-V11 MORTICE CHISEL – 1/2″ 105149-05S3108