Blade For Medium Shoulder Plane Pm-V11


Package comprises: A Veritas Medium Shoulder Plane and a Veritas Hand Jointer

Box and model making often require small parts that are too dangerous to run through a power jointer and difficult to joint with a hand plane. Trying to balance a large plane on a small workpiece can be awkward.

Veritas Medium Shoulder Plane

The Veritas Medium Shoulder Plane cuts exceptionally cleanly on end grain (for example, trimming tenon shoulders). It makes quick work of paring cross grain as is often required when fitting tenon cheeks. It is equally useful for rebate work, planing with the grain. This plane measures 178mm long by 17.5mm wide and weighs 906g. If you have ever held a traditional shoulder plane, you will appreciate how this plane comes readily to hand. The unique lever cap with a pivoting knob adjusts to fit your hand, allowing a secure grip without the need of vice-like pressure.

Veritas Hand Jointer

The Hand Jointer fits the Veritas medium (or large) shoulder plane. It allows you bring the work to the plane, giving you much greater control of the cut.

The Jointer board is 255mm x 240mm and 18mm thick Baltic birch ply with a 250mm x 50mm low-friction HDPE (high-density polyethylene) fence. The fence makes it easy to align work square to the blade. The mounting holes let you attach the Veritas shoulder plane for right- or left-hand use. A large brass knob firmly secures the plane. The board provides plenty of surface area for clamping the hand jointer horizontally to a bench top or vertically in a vice.

It also includes a recess with an inset rare-earth magnet for holding a spare blade; useful for storing a blade sharpened at a higher bevel angle to deal with highly figured wood. This is a safe and highly accurate way to joint small parts.

Key Features

  • For box, model making and small parts
  • Veritas Medium Shoulder Plane
  • Multi-purpose, highly accurate plane
  • Clean cuts on end grain (for example, trimming tenon shoulders)
  • Unique lever cap with a pivoting knob
  • Supplied with a 25° lapped blade in PM-V11 alloy steel
  • Veritas Hand Jointer
  • Take the work to the plane rather than plane to the work
  • Low-friction HDPE fence
  • Easy to set up, use vertically or horizontally
  • Safe and highly accurate way to joint small parts
  • Fits the Veritas medium or large shoulder planes


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