Veritas Small Blade Holder

£15.00 . (£18.00 incl VAT)

Blade holder may be mounted in a honing guide, or used free hand for sharpening
Holds short blades such as spokeshave blades when sharpening
Blade is secured in holder by two rare-earth magnets
Adjustable stop provides adjustment for blade projection
Effectively transforms your short blade into something larger (38 x 100mm long)

Because of the difficulty holding short blades such as those found in most spokeshaves, instrument makers’ planes, etc., sharpening them has been difficult. The Veritas small-blade holder solves this effectively and safely by securing the blade using two powerful rare-earth magnets embedded into anodized aluminum and an adjustable stop block. In effect, it transforms your short blade into something larger (38mm wide x 100mm long) that can be effectively held for sharpening, either by hand or by mounting in a honing guide.

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