Veritas Super Hard Milled Scrapers & Variable Burnisher Deal

Veritas Super Hard Milled Scrapers & Variable Burnisher Deal

This package deal comprises the Veritas Super-Hard Milled Scrapers and the Veritas Variable Burnisher.

Veritas Super-Hard Milled Scrapers
Whereas most cabinet scrapers are sheared from spring steel and hardened to HRC 38-42, these Veritas scrapers are harder (HRC 48-52) and hold an edge longer. Their edges are carefully milled to a square, sharp 90°. The set includes four thicknesses: for fine work, 0.4mm(0.016″) and 0.6mm(0.024″) thick, each 50mm x 150mm(2″ x 6″); for heavier work, 0.8mm(0.032″) and 1mm(0.042″) thick, each 60mm x 150mm(2.3/8″ x 6″).

Veritas Variable Burnisher
Although filing and honing a cabinet scraper is relatively easy it is the raising of a burr where problems seem to occur. The Veritas Variable Burnisher completely eliminates this problem and makes this an easy job. The burnisher has carbide rods fixed at an angle in a brass hub. The dial on the face allows the angle to be set anywhere between 0° and 15°. You rotate the knurled brass knob to your chosen angle and then lock it into place with the brass thumbscrew. The body of the burnisher is slotted so the angle is constantly maintained during use and, being made of plastic, it will not damage or scratch the scraper’s face. Woodworkers used to using a traditional burnishing tool will also find this useful since it can be used to put different cutting characteristics on different edges of a scraper. This Veritas tool makes it possible for anyone to burnish a cabinet scraper to the desired angle perfectly every time. Each set includes a cabinet scraper (150 x 60mm) and full instructions.

Key Features

  • Veritas Super-Hard Milled Scrapers
  • Hardened to HRC 48-52 to hold an edge longer
  • Edges are carefully milled to a square, sharp 90°
  • Prepared edges save time and effort of filing and stoning
  • Comes in set of four
  • 50 x 150 x 0.4 & 0.6mm for fine work
  • 60 x 150 x 0.8 & 1mm for heavier stock
  • 1mm scraper suitable for paint removal
  • Veritas Variable Burnisher
  • Makes raising a burr an easy job
  • Carbide rods fixed at an angle in brass hub
  • Face dial allows angle to be set between 0° and 15°
  • Plastic construction will not damage scraper’s face
  • Includes cabinet scraper and full instructions


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Veritas Super Hard Milled Scrapers & Variable Burnisher Deal