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Veritas Carver's Screw  (Ref: 476129)

Veritas Carver's Screw

Another great innovation from Veritas. The carver's screw is made from solid brass bar. The thread that locates in the workpiece is slightly tapered and deeply cut. Work can be removed and replaced many times without the danger of tearout occuring. The body is hexagonal allowing it to be securely clamped in a vice, or the screw tightened using a spanner.

The large moulded knob is fitted with a low friction brass insert. At 125mm long overall it can be used through benches up to 95mm thick via a 13mm hole.

12.57 15.08


Veritas Carver's Knife  (Ref: 475635)

Veritas Carver's Knife

This versatile knife has an oval handle for a comfortable fit and fine grooves for a good grip in your hand. Designed to use standard disposable scalpel blades, it comes with 12 razor-sharp high-carbon blades (four of each style shown) that are easy to hone for repeated use.

Featuring a solid brass collet on an anodized aluminum body, blade change is quick and easy and blade orientation is always ideal, in line with the major axis of the body. The magnetic end cap is removable to store up to six blades in the handle and keeps blades from rattling around inside. Although offered as a carver's knife for fine detail work, it is equally effective as a multi-purpose workshop knife. About 150mm long. It has both the value and style you expect of a Veritas product. Made in Canada.

18.21 21.85


Veritas Carver's Drawknife 100mm-  (Ref: 474959)

Veritas Carver's Drawknife 100mm-

Often an ordinary drawknife is too large for carving, something smaller with a bit more control is called for. This item from Veritas fits the bill perfectly, designed for ease of use with maximum control. The teardrop-shaped handles are cocked at 45° to the blade and nestle comfortably in your hands. The polished 100 x 3 x 19mm(4" x 1/8" x 3/4") blade is ground and honed to a perfect edge, and is supplied with a blade guard. An optional leather case is available separately.

64.47 77.36


Veritas Journeyman's Brass Mallet - 570g  (Ref: 202385)

Veritas Journeyman's Brass Mallet - 570g

Use this mallet with a normal grip or nestle it in the palm of your hand for exact control of the force. The brass head has a threaded connection to the handle for a secure fixing. The final turning of the handle is done after the handle is mounted, ensuring a perfectly smooth head on cherry wood handle. Overall length 150mm weight 570g.

20.66 24.79


Veritas Woodworking >  Veritas Carving

Veritas Carving
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